paintRack v1.0.13 is released

Hello all! I thought it would be useful to make a detailed blog post about what’s new in paintRack 1.0.13 seeing as it’s a weird mix of this and that.

New Features:

  • Notes in Sets – by popular demand, you can now add notes to yourself about a set (perhaps for mixing colors or the like).
    2016-06-20 03.39.17
  • Search and Sort by SKU – also a common request, you can now type in a manufacturer SKU to search and sort by them too in Library
  • App Remembers Viewing Preferences – now paintRack remembers if you prefer to show by list or grid, what your filters are, and what your sort order is

Paint Updates:

  • AMMO by Mig Jimenez paints are added. Very excited to have them aboard!
  • Scale75 now supports their Inktensity and Metallics ‘N Alchemy lines
  • Citadel – Citadel Air, new gemstone paints, and the big Shade bottles are added. The discontinued small Shade bottles are moved to Citadel Classic.
  • Humbrol – now Humbrol paints are scannable to import via barcode
  • Warcolours – completed the paint line including the new One-Coat paints
  • Many more bottles have their appropriate bottle size


  • No longer crash when searching for a paint with an apostrophe
  • Many spelling corrections in paints, largely for Citadel
  • Meridius Blue barcode correction
  • Back button behavior is fixed so it doesn’t exit the app unexpectedly (opens shelf instead)

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