paintRack v1.0.14 – User backup is here!

paintRack 1.0.14 is released to the wild. Here are your update notes!

New Features:

  • User Data Backup – by popular demand, you can export and import your user data using the Google Drive interface. It should work across devices, too. Find it in your Settings page.
  • A bunch of new set icons – Scott has created many more unique icons to assign to your sets. Check them out!


Paint Updates:

  • AK Interactive paints are added. They have been in high demand for a long time. Glad they’re on board.
  • Abteilung 502 – the relaunched paint line is in the app
  • Scale75 now supports their War Front and Copper Series (from Metals N’ Alchemy)
  • Battlefront/Colours of War/Team Yankee – their novel bullet-shaped bottles are now in the app as well

We are now at over 3500 paints! No other app comes close.


  • At initial launch, app remembers if you preferred list or grid view
  • We realized we had some duplicate Scale75 paints from their Metals N’Alchemy and Inktensity series. These should be cleaned up now and your data should be moved over to the correct bottles.

So What’s Next?

Scott and I are always thinking about other improvements and we take your feedback very seriously. In addition to growing the paint library, here are some things we know are wanted that we’re looking at for a future release:

  • Multi-bottle support
  • Ordering of paints in subsets
  • Custom user paints/mixes
  • Sharing sets
  • An update to color matching/tool

I also haven’t forgotten about the iOS fans out there :).

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