Tracks your collection using our database with over 23,000 paints from over 60 brands!

Color Tools

Our color matching algorithm can find complementary, analogous, or triad colors for any paint


Stores all your paint recipes for models for later reference

Rapid Scan

Quickly add paints to your collection simply by scanning the barcodes

Cross Import

Export your information from Android to iOS (or vice versa)!

Wish Lists

Track your missing paints so you know which paint to buy before it runs out

“The most useful application on Android for painters from beginner to professional.”

Model Workshop After Hours podcast

“This is a great app. I got the paid version and love it. The color match tool is worth the whole price, but it’s got other great features too!”

“It has been of enormous help in organizing my inventory. Awesome stuff, super happy so far.”

“Fantastic app, a great way to keep your paint locker inventoried. Bravo Zulu!!!”

“The paid version is worth it. If you have a paint collection, scanning it into the app is easy. You finally know what you have and what you’re missing. Thanks for writing this app”

“Extensive list of paints, no errors found, easy to organize sets and schemes. A must have in the toolbox of any serious miniature painter.”